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Drake Keeps Promise & Gifts UFC Winners New Rolex Watches!

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Drake gifted Molly McCann a gold Rolex watch in appreciation for her assistance in helping the Canadian rapper win £1.2 million.

Drake bet £1.9 million that "Meatball Molly" and fellow Scous UFC fighter Paddy Pimblett would each win at UFC London in July.

In the second round of their fight, Pimblett submitted Jordan Leavitt, while in the third, McCann spectacularly TKO'd Hannah Goldy with a powerful spinning elbow, earning Drake a huge £3.1 million payday.

On Monday, McCann posted a video to her Instagram story showing her going toward Liverpool's historic Liver Building before sliding the camera down to reveal her new Rolex watch.

She later posted a video to her Instagram showing off the new watch while telling the time, captioned "Thanks, champagnepapi "

Drake placed a sizable Bitcoin wager of between £1.9 and £3.1 million.

Drake put £1.9 million on the Liverpool pair to win their individual fights in London and posted a screenshot of the wager on Instagram.

In an Instagram post, Drake posted a screenshot of his bet slip with the phrase "Scousers parlay," referring to the city where Pimblett and McCann were both raised.

Drake would have been impolite if he had failed to thank the two individuals who were instrumental in helping him win the £3 million wager. In fact, Drake said he would give each of the two competitors a Rolex watch for their contributions to his victory. Since both of the fighters did what needed to be done, Drake followed up with keeping his promise for gold Rolex watches!

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