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Horrifying moment water slide COLLAPSES and falls 30ft to the ground!

This is the terrifying moment a water slide collapsed, injuring sixteen people.

Riders fell nearly 30 feet to the ground in front of astonished witnesses in this terrifying video.

On May 7, a horrific incident occurred in Surabaya's Kenjeran Park, in the Indonesian province of East Java.

A total of sixteen people were sent to surrounding hospitals for treatment, according to local media.

The water slide can be seen collapsing in the footage as water pours onto the ground.

As park visitors rush to assist the victims, others cry in horror.

According to reports, the ride had worn out and weakened over time, causing it to collapse.

However, the park's management said that it happened because it was overcrowded at the time, and that the slide had been maintained around nine months prior.

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