TikToker Exposes Tristan Thompson After Spotting Him With A Woman In Club!

Just a little over a month ago we learned Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe Kardashian again yet took it to another level by getting this other woman pregnant! Rumors swirled around how Khloe felt betrayed and heartbroken that Tristan had once again cheated on her. Following the news Tristan publicly apologized to Khloe and it was rumored he was trying to get her back. Then, news alleges that Khloe refused to allow Tristan to move into her brand new home recently finished.

Now, as the world knows Tristan is a serial cheater, fans are taking it upon themselves to expose his cheating ways! A woman in Milwaukee took to Tiktok to expose that Tristan Thompson was with another woman in a club who was sitting on his lap, following the game against the Bucks!

After the video went viral clearly showing Tristan too close for comfort to another woman when he allegedly wants Khloe back, the Tiktoker explained what happened and how he "snatched" the phone from her because he thought she was recording him. So then, she explains how her husband snatched the phone back from Tristan and he responded "no photos please."

She stated Tristan Thompson is "a dog" as she claims she watched him come into the club with another woman! She details why she posted the video as Tristan is "publicly apologizing to Khloe" yet he's in the club with another woman!

Check it out below.

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