UNO Introduces New “All Wild” Game, Double Skip Players & Swap Hands!

In my family, UNO is SERIOUS and gets very competitive. The family favorite card game introduced the latest version of their classic game with 'Uno All Wild.'

The latest version is meant to be more fast paced and competitive as it introduces news cards to the deck.

With All Wild, players play cards from their hand until someone gets rid of all of their cards, as with the regular Uno game. However, with "All Wild" every card is either a Skip, Double-Skip, Draw, Targeted Draw, Reverse or Hand Swap, which allows you to switch your cards with a fellow player. A Wild Skip Two card also allows players to skip two other players instead of one, as with the original game. The Wild Forced Swap card will enable participants to change their entire hands!

With every single card being wild, things are going to get intense fast! Just because someone is always tries to make up their own rules, check out the rules to Uno All Wild below!

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