Oakland woman offers reward to return French bulldog stolen at gunpoint

An Oakland woman is offering a reward to return her French Bulldog, Meryln, whom was stolen at gunpoint! Hannah Nelson was out of town for the holidays when her friend called her to tell her she was robbed for her dog at gunpoint. Her friend Bayens, had taken the 2-year-old french bulldog for a walk just after 6 p.m. at 24th and Valdez Streets in Oakland.

“All of a sudden these two men came out from nowhere,” Bayens said. “One approached me basically straight on, pointed a gun at my face, and said give me the dog, and the other one grabbed Merlyn.”

The two robbers then hopped in a car and sped off going the wrong way down a one-way street toward Whole Foods.

“I think it was really just immense shock that it happened,” Bayens said. “As a Bay Area local and more recently as an Oakland resident I know a lot has been going on, but I just – you know it was 6 pm and there were people literally 15 feet away from me.”

French Bulldog robberies have become more common, as most recently Lady Gaga's dog walker was shot as robbers stole her dog. Nelson is doing everything possible to get Merlyn back even offering a crowdfunding reward for his safe return - https://www.rewardformerlyn.com/

"Most bulldogs have a solid color and he has hyena-like spots," she said. "Something that is also distinctive about him is a white chest, it goes from his chin all the way down to his belly. He also has a large black spot on left shoulder."

The police asks for anyone with information concerning the incident, can contact the felony assault unit at (510) 238-3326.

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