Oakland's 'Prime 356' Clothing Store Latest Victim In Mob Smash & Grab

Local mom & pops clothing store in Oakland was the latest victim of in the string of smash and grab robberies happening around the Bay Area. 'Prime 356' in Oakland was stripped Monday night after nearly 30 people stormed the place according to police.

Surveillance video from inside Prime 356, located on 14th Street in downtown Oakland, shows a group running through the store and snatching hats, shoes, and clothing from shelves.

The robbers wore black, latex gloves, and masked their faces with masks. The robbers quickly moved through the store grabbing regardless of the blaring alarm. That alarm system alerted the store's owner who then called the police.

Officers made it to the scene within 10 minutes, but no arrests were made.

Prime 356 took to their Instagram to post a GoFundMe link to help recover from the robbery!

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