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Normani Talks New Single With Cardi B, Supporting Simone Biles, & More!

Normani has exploded on the scene with her highly anticipated new single "Wild Side" featuring Cardi B! Normani sat down with Shay Diddy to discuss her new music & how the collaboration with Cardi B came to be. Normani went on to praise Cardi B for "going hard" for Normani on social platforms but especially behind the scenes as well! She said she "couldn't imagine anyone else on the record."

Normani then went on to discuss how working on her music was therapeutic for her as she coped with learning her mother was battling breast cancer again.

"In moments, it felt like I was choosing music over being there physically for my mom. That was something really really hard for me to deal with and battle because I couldn't be there as much as I wanted to.... I didn't want to leave. My mom has always been the one to be there... She's really the only person I trust with everything... It's admirable how strong she was for her family to go through it."

Then conversation then turns to mental health and Normani's involvement in community organizations and anti-bullying campaigns. She explains that she hopes her experience help young girls who look like her have a positive influence.

Normani then went on to comment about mental health and the stigma in the black community. Normani stated she fully supports on Simone Biles decision and how unfortunately, black woman tend to find themselves under a different microscope.

Simone Biles announced yesterday she would be withdrawing from the Olympics Individual All-Around Gymnastics competition due to mental and physical health reasons. This announcement was met with mixed reactions, many supporting her decision yet some claiming Biles wasn't "competitive " and "robbing team USA of a Gold medal."

"I think that it's very admirable and courageous for her to make that decision. I know what it's like to be not mentally healthy... I've been in this industry since I was 15 years-old and I've seen a lot...Even in the beginning stages of recording this album I wasn't enjoying this process as much as I deserved too to be honest..."

Normani had previously divulged that her mother's breast cancer returned. Normani was largely affected emotionally by the news worried for her mothers health, yet was encouraged by her mother to not stop working and continue to make music.

We have to break that generational curse. It's something that's frowned upon in our community... We've been taught to be strong.. Just like it can be taught it can be un-taught.

Normani continued on the "I'm proud of her, as a friend. I know that a huge opportunity that we all know that she could have achieved but its bigger than that. The amount of black little girls that are going to witness her make that big big decision for her own mental health, that's admirable. It inspires me."

Shay & Normani then ended the interview discussing Normani's potential acting career, recalling Normani appeared on HBO series drama series 'Treme' in 2010. Normani was shocked Shay recalled she appeared on the show but was excited to reveal she has been taking acting classes and training to up her skills to potentially continue her acting career in the future. Normani appears to allude to some future acting roles already in the works!

Normani's album is still highly secret yet confirmed in the interview she's definitely been working!

Check out the full interview below!

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