Women Alleges Carmelo Anthony Is The Father To Her Newborn Twins!

It looks like the straw has finally broken the camel's back! Just hours after news broke on TMZ that Lala Anthony had filed for divorce, a woman has come forward claiming Carmelo Anthony is the father to her newborn twins! The Hollywood Unlocked reports they spoke with the mother exclusively and she stated that she indeed had twins with Carmelo Anthony. She further explained that Carmelo Anthony was assisting her financially with the children, yet she was speaking out because she wanted Carmelo to take part in the children's lives.

She detailed her accounts of their relationship stating she had been seeing Carmelo in NY and the two had fooled around. She also stated she did know about Lala yet didn't feel bad for Lala because she "knew who Lala was f*ckin" too. She went on to explain how Carmelo carried himself like a single man, even facetiming her from his bed - the same home which he shares with LaLa. She also released some text messages to confirm her relationship with Carmelo acknowledging their children, the financial assistance Carmelo has already given her, and more. Swipe right below.

According to Hollywood Unlocked ALLEGEDLY:

In September, the woman found out she was pregnant with twins! The plan was for her to get an abortion in LA, which Carmelo agreed to as neither of them wanted it to turn into a bigger situation. The woman, 38, said she needed a medical abortion, which means she had to be accompanied by someone. But Carmelo never flew back from Portland to LA to show up for the procedure.
As time went on, she was no longer able to have the abortion so the two came up with a plan: To avoid controversy, they both agreed for her to fly out to London to have the babies with the agreement that he would come out there and visit when his season was over.
To note, the woman said as the two were figuring out what they were going to do, Carmelo suggested making the babies British citizens. She said she figured he would say that because it’s hard to update the birth certificates, and knew she would eventually want his last name on it. She said she went ahead and did so, but quickly reversed it because she knew it was the wrong move.

Recall, this isn't the first time Carmelo has been accused of cheating! First it was a woman who alleged Carmelo is the father to her daughter yet stated Carmelo refused to have a relationship with their daughter due to Lala. The internet believed this woman Carmelo and the baby girls "baby photos look exactly the same."

Then, after rumors that Lala and Carmelo's relationship was on the rocks yet they were attempting to work things out, Carmelo was spotted with another woman on a Yacht!

Making things worse, just a few days ago The neighborhood Talk posted photos showing Lee Daniels niece allegedly kicking it inside Carmelo's home. They dug deeper and found she even dropped a subliminal birthday shout out to Carmelo on his birthday last month! Swipe right to see it below.

Lala & Carmelo have been married for 11 years. It's been at the very least 4 years of cheating. The two allegedly were already separated and are choosing to have an amicable divorce for the sake of their son. Let's hope once Carmelo is single, he can be apart of his alleged other children's lives.


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