Twitter Blast Chris Brown After TikToker Alludes He Kicked Her Out Of Party

Twitter is going wild after a popular TikToker alluded to Chris Brown allegedly kicking her out of a Los Angeles club saying "no darkies." @SpesandBlazers on Tiktok went viral after posting a video stating the shadiest thing ever done to her by a celebrity.

She stated she was entering a club in LA with two light complexion friends, one white friend, and suddenly she was singled out of the group and escorted out. She claims the celebrity stated "no darkies," singling her out because she was dark skinned. She stated she ignored the comment and kept walking about in the party without a thought; however, he stopped her once again and had her escorted out.

Although she never said the celebrities name, she alluded to the "look at me now" artist by closing with Brown's hit song title. “I just want to say to him, look at me now.”

Twitter immediately assumed it was Chris and went for his neck.

One Twitter user tweeted “I wonder why Chris Brown has so much hate for dark skin women.”

Others pointed out other celebrities who made similar accusations about Brown in the past. Check out Twitter reactions below.

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