T-Pain Gets HILARIOUS Revenge On Racists 'Call Of Duty' Players Online!

Watching T-Pain destroy racist trolls while playing 'Call Of Duty: Cold War' online is HILARIOUS. It all started with T-Pain hearing some trolls from the opposing team state numerous N*gger, F*ck BLM and other racist comments in the lobby. When the game began, T-Pain made it clear that the racists making those comments were on one of the teams and he wanted "every single one of them." As the game progressed and T-Pain kept killing the opposing players, T-Pain got more and more excited killing the racist trolls yelling comments like "delete the black skins from your muh fuh COD!" and "Looks like the N*gga Wins... Stupid Idiots!"

Watch the entire stream of T-Pain playing COD below!