Berkeley Woman Faces Hate Crime Charges Calling Cops Black Delivery Man⁠

Julie Warland / Berkeley Police Department

Right here in the Bay Area! A Berkeley 35 year-old woman, Julie Warland, has been arrested and is now facing hate crime charges after she chased down, began harassing and yelling racial slurs at a black deliveryman in Berkeley. The victim, Kendall McIntosh, feels he was racially profiled and attacked for "speeding" as he was finishing his route and headed to assist another driver. From the moment he interacted with her, Warland accused him of speeding and began yelling racial slurs and accused him of speeding. When he left, they chased him down again!

It got so bad neighbors began recording the racist incident and intervened as Warland and her boyfriend attempted to take his vehicle, stood in the way blocking his path to leave, and more.

Berkeley Police Department reported they are charging Warland with False imprisonment, Battery, Using offensive words and PC —willfully threatening a person based on their perceived characteristics.

Major kudos to the neighbors who recorded the incident allowing this man to get justice! This BS has got to stop!

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