Man Charged With Starting Markley Fire Killing 2, To Cover Up 1st Murder!

A Vacaville man has been arrested and charged with murder and arson after allegedly starting the Markley Fire, attempting to cover up a murder. The massive Marley Fire killed two residents, after Victor Serriteno allegedly killed Priscilla Castro and started after the fire in attempt to cover up the murder. The fire exploded resulting in more than 30,000n acres burnt, and killing 64-year-old Leon Bone and 82-year-old Douglas Mai.

Serriteno was initially arrested for the murder of Castro in September 2020, after the missing woman's body was found in Stebbins Cold Canyon . Yet, after an 8 month fire and police investigation, investigators believe Serriteno intentionally started the Markley Fire to cover up Castro's murder. Serriteno now faces two additional murder charges, arson, and more.

Numerous people lost everything as a result of this man's actions. Sending our thoughts to the victims families.