Bay Area 'Karen' Tells Family Stop "Acting Black" In A White Neighborhood!

Right in our own backyard! A Discovery Bay woman has gone viral after telling a Black family to stop acting "Black" in a "White neighborhood." She wanted them to act "White" in their White neighborhood to act "normal." She attempted to justify her comments by saying she grew up around "tons of Black people in Oklahoma," yet still didn't see or apparently care that her comments were racist.

The incident occurred when the woman walked onto the families property to complain about their dog, wielding a stun gun in one hand and her poodle in the other. She claims the family's pit bull attacked her dog, yet her dog was not injured nor did the security footage video show that. Now, the woman has raked up 100's of thousands of views on social media because of her behavior.

Good news is this family was unfazed by the encounter and vowed to continue to "act Black in their White neighborhood," as they SHOULD! Check out the entire encounter below!