Documentary About Marshawn Lynch's Media Resistance To Premiere This Summer

Marshawn Lynch / Getty Images

According to CargoFilm-Releasing, a new documentary, Lynch: A History, on Marshawn Lynch and his relationship with the media is coming! The Oakland native, whom is considered one of the most beloved members of the Oakland community, has always been resistant to speaking with the media. The documentary is described to explore:

the silence that nonconformist NFL star Marshawn Lynch deploys as a form of resistance. Culling more than 700 video clips and placing them in dramatic, rapid, and radical juxtaposition, the film is a powerful political parable about the American media-sports complex and its deep complicity with racial oppression.
Lynch: A History— very loosely inspired by the director David Shields’s bookBlack Planet: Facing Race during an NBA Season—documents and celebrates Lynch’s attempt to be true to himself in a capitalist, racist society that wants to exploit him and that he wants to both exploit and oppose. Lynch is leaving a legacy of the eloquence of silence, echo, and mimicry as key tools of defiance. Albert Camus says, “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” No one is absolutely free, but Marshawn Lynch comes thrillingly close.

“Lynch: A History” is executive produced by Danny Glover, with consulting production efforts by John W. Comerford. The film will be released this summer on June 3.

Based on the infamous throwback interview of Lynch at the Super Bowl below, I am sure fans will flock to watch this!

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