Father Puts HANDS On Dude Who Beat His Daughter After Break-Up Prank

This video went viral after showing a teenage girl being savagely beat up by her boyfriend over a break up prank. In the video you can hear her crying saying she was sorry as someone else says "yall stop that $hit."

Warning - Graphic Video/Disturbing


People immediately urged the young girl to leave him and call the police before he kills her. She then jumped on Instagram live to defend his actions saying "well we got real love over here... we punch each other."

The two are still together but that may not be for long. The girls alleged father caught wind of the video and allegedly beat the breaks of this young man. I cannot blame him either. Hopefully dad can intervene and help her learn her worth. Watch below.


Now, allegedly he has been arrested and looking at jail time. Hopefully she wises up and leaves him alone. Based on her instagram page, it doesn't look like it.

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