First Victim From Surviving Cardi B Comes Forward And Shares His Story!

Allegedly, the first victim from surviving Cardi B has come forward! Recall,Cardi B confessed she used to use sex to trick men into going into hotel rooms where she would drug and rob them. Since the old video made it's rounds again, people are coining the experience using the hashtag #SurvivingCardiB.

Now, allegedly one of the men she robbed back in her stripping days has come forward to confirm Cardi B drugged then robbed him. He alleges he met Cardi B at a strip club in NY. After meeting Cardi B at a strip club, he convinced her to return to his hotel room. He alleges they were in the room drinking together when he left the room to use the restroom. Allegedly, when he returned he finished his drink. Last thing he remembers is music blasting and Cardi B twerking on him. He alleges he woke up the next morning and found a used condom on the floor, and he had been robbed of $850, Louis Vuitton belt, and iPod touch. He alleges he tried to call her numerous times and realized she gave him a google voice number. He claims he never went to the police because he did not want his fiance at the time to find out.

He goes on to say he doesn't want to press charges now but was traumatized by the experience.

Many fans are questioning his story while others wholeheartedly believe he is a victim.What are your thoughts?

Shay Diddy

Shay Diddy

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