Man Racially Profiled At Movie Theater, Accused Of Not Having Ticket

Facebook/ Larry Shelton

Video of a man, Larry Shelton, being escorted out of a movie theater by police is going viral after the man whom purchased a ticket, was accused of sneaking into the theater. He allegedly left the movie mid way to use the bathroom and get a refill of his drink. The alleged manager claims he asked his employees if the man had a ticket and they claim none of them saw him or sold him a ticket. When security and the manager approached him, he told them to "check the tape" because the staff at the AMC theater in Arizona were lying.

When police were called and they were able to verify he did in fact purchase a ticket, the AMC theater manager demanded the man leave and refused to give Mr. Shelton a refund. The manager claimed because Mr. Shelton used his flashlight in the theater, it was against their code of conduct and refused to give him a refund.

The video has now garnered over 5k shares on Facebook, with many users asking why the manager assumed he did not have a ticket in the first place. It's normal for someone who left a movie to use the restroom, only to rush back into the movie to avoid missing an important scene. Others are questioning why the manager did not "check the tape" as the man requested before he called police on the man. Some are explaining the mentality of the man, whom was annoyed his right to be in the theater and use of the facility as any other customer, was questioned "simply because he was black. Had he not been, he would have never been questioned for using the restroom."

No word if the man in the video has spoken to or filed a complaint with AMC. Watch the video below.


Now, BLM is planning a protest and urging others to boycott AMC theaters because of the alleged racial profiling, mistreatment, and harassment of Larry Shelton.

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