Tristan Thompson Seen Grinding, Grabbing Butts and More BEFORE Scandal


When will men learn?! Dailymail is reporting that Tristan Thompson was actually seen grinding and grabbing butts at a team mates Valentine's Day 'singles' party, days before cheating with Jordyn Woods!

The eyewitness at the Valentine's Day party, who asked that she not be identified, told DailyMailTV: 'It was a Valentine's Day party for singles, mostly ladies, super exclusive, guest list only.
'It was at the home of Jordan Clarkson who plays for the Cavs and there were quite a few Cavs players there, but it was mostly girls.
'They had red heart balloons everywhere on the ceiling and happy V'Day signs, a DJ, hookahs everywhere, club seats.
'Then at around 11.30pm Tristan comes in, he's smiling, very playful, very happy, and immediately he's dancing with his teammates and some girls.
'Me and my friends were like, "why's he not with Khloe and his baby on Valentine's Day?".
'Then I saw him drinking and knocking back shots at the bar and he was flirting and exchanging numbers with girls who came up to him - he certainly didn't look like he was with Khloe any more.'
The source said they saw Tristan partying with a handful of different girls during the course of the night.
'He was dancing, flirting, touching, grabbing butts, that kind of thing,' the source said.
'As the night went on I saw Tristan dancing and grinding with two women in particular and he was in good spirits, he seemed very happy.'
The partygoer said Tristan and Cav teammate Clarkson were with a group of three girls at one point who were smoking on a hookah pipe.
The group then disappeared into a back room, behind the DJ booth.
The source believes it was some kind of office off the main living area and claims the door was locked behind them. 
At around 1.30am Tristan and the group re-emerged, the source told DailyMailTV.
'They carried on partying, I'm thinking they're pretty drunk by now, there was a lot of drinking, it was unlimited liquor,' the source said.
'Tristan was dancing with the girls, pretty much behaving like a single guy.
'I remember some people going up to him saying, "Hey Tristan how you doin', where's Khloe?" He pretty much laughed and ignored the question.
'It was a singles party, all the sexy, pretty ladies and the NBA players, that was the vibe. I'd say it was 7-1 girls to guys.'

Dailymail claims to have photos of Tristan at the event! Check out the full story here!

Allegedly, Malaysia Pargo of Basketball Wives and Miss Nikki Baby from Love & Hip Hop LA were also in attendance. Maybe Khloe can call these ladies for confirmation. Hopefully these women know about girl code, unlike Jordyn Woods!

Ironically, this story sounds very sim

Ironically, this story sounds familiar. Recall, Tristan got busted he first time for kissing and having his junk rubbed on by two women caught on surveillance footage while Khloe was pregnant!

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