Rapper Willie Bo Killed By Vallejo Police At A Drive-Thru

The family of Vallejo rapper Willie McCoy are demanding answers after the rapper was shot and killed by police at a Taco Bell drive thru. Police were responding to a call for McCoy whom fell asleep "slumped over" in the drive thru lane. When police arrived they allegedly found him with a gun on his lap. Six officers opened fire after McCoy allegedly suddenly went for his gun after officers instructed him to raise his hands. The family believe that police did not give McCoy time to react to the officers demands after being suddenly awoken. Police are investigating the shooting and asking for witnesses to come forward.


Now, activist like Sean King and more are also demanding justice for McCoy writing:

Willie McCoy was asleep in his car in Vallejo, California. Bothering nobody. He was tired. Sleeping the car is what he needed to do. We’ve all done it. Someone saw him asleep and called the police. They then unloaded their guns into his car, multiple cops, killing him right there on the spot. Later they said they found a gun in the car. It doesn’t matter. He did nothing with the gun. Never threatened them. I don’t care if he had a rocket launcher in the car. What I know is that had Willie been white, he’d be alive right now. I’ve said it a million times. Cops REGULARLY take armed and dangerous white folk in alive and unharmed. They could’ve literally just killed scores of people, cops even, and they almost always get taken in alive. Normally without a scratch. I’m standing with this family.


Cellphone footage from a witness recording from his car caught the moment police opened fire on McCoy. Based on the third party video, you can hear police screaming "hands up" 3-5 seconds before shooting.

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