Sheck Wes TROLLED By Production Company For Not Paying For Music Video

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Let this be a warning to rappers, pay your video production team. No one likes to work for free. When Ridge Produciton had to face this after demanding payment for filming and editing Sheck Wes' "Gmail" video from Mudboy , they took getting revenge to an entire new level. Ridge Production took to social media to blast Sheck Wes for not paying the production team. They were even nice enough to include screen shots of emails and DM's from Sheck Wes and his team.


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Ridge decided to get even by uploading a re-dubbed version of the video they shot for Sheck with all but the beat stripped out and funny commentary laid over the grimy, threatening visuals. While it was clear Sheck wanted to reference violent rebel groups in North Africa with the desert setting and military motif, it’s hard to take seriously with the video’s producers rattling off nasally play-by-play like “I’m outside, kiss my gun” and “I bought by gun in the store. I’m so mad and I’m pointing to the sky.”
According to Ridge’s website, they are a 13-person crew (and one dog) who have an extensive client list which includes high-profile brands like 20th Century Fox, Complex, Dole, ESPN, MGM Resorts, Samsung, Uber, US Bank, and Warner Bros. In an explainer at the beginning of the music video, Ridge founder Pat claims that the agency received a cease-and-desist from Sheck’s lawyers regarding an earlier version of the video they uploaded, as well as DMs from Sheck himself. Pat says, “If you would have just asked me nicely… I would have just taken the video down.” In a Reddit post sharing the video, users who claim experience with freelancing projects say it’s common practice across industries for clients to stiff contractors once work is completed, claiming the work delivered doesn’t meet standards and using it anyway. The thread also includes similar revenge stories that often involve the contractors trolling the client into paying, since they often cover the costs out-of-pocket and need the money to even break even, let alone profit.

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