Man Accused Of Raping Girl In Club On Facebook Live... Arrested!

You may have seen the video circulating on the internet. On January 19th, a young woman named Jasmine Eiland was partying in a club in Atlanta on Facebook live. In the video you see the woman meeting then interacting with a man later identified as Dominique Williams. Fast forward, Jasmine is then seen and heard seemingly being raped in the middle of the club surrounded by people while still on Facebook Live! She is clearly heard screaming begging for help as the man seems to be penetrating her, reaching back as if she is attempting to push the man off her. Multiple angles from other party goers seems to show the same. Unfortunately, no one stepped in to help the girl. Viewers believe she seemed to be either extremely intoxicated or drugged when the alleged assault happened.

I wont post the actual video but you can search twitter for the videos. Beware, it's GRAPHIC. But I did post a full breakdown for you below.


The video quickly went viral. Social media users were forwarding the video to police demanding the man be arrested. Williams, allegedly caught wind and decided to do an interview with Gossipinthecity to proclaim his innocence in the attack.


Now, It is being reported that Dominique Williams was arrested for Aggravated Sodomy for the alleged sexual assault on Jasmine Eiland.


As a woman, the video was terrifying and disheartening. No one helped this young girl being taken advantage of in a club. Atleast she will get justice since Williams could be facing 25-years not exceeding life in prison, followed by probation for life!

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