San Francisco Woman Goes On Racist Rant Telling Black Neighbors To Leave!

This woman in the Fillmore area of San Francisco who was caught on camera going on a racist rant calling her black neighbors "ni@@er" is going viral. In the video, she accuses the men of being "dope dealers" while her frightened child watches. 

Then men she is accusing of being drug dealers all live on the street. It should be noted, these same buildings the woman live in are the same public housing apartments our mayor London Breed grew up in.


Allegedly, this woman has been behaving like this for years yet this was the first time they were able to catch her on camera. After the men failed to abide by her demands to leave, the woman proceeds to erupt with anger. At this point, she seems to be having a melt down. 

The men she's screaming at do not react to her racist remarks yet are pleading with her to stop behaving this way in front of her child. The men then laughed at this woman for calling them drug dealers in front of their own home. 


It should be noted the man recording the video is Hannibal Thompson, a well known comedian from the Fillmore area. Far from a drug dealer. Also, the men heard in the video claim the woman is a teacher in the bay area. 

Allegedly, the woman went on a racist rant a few weeks ago when the men were bbq'ing in front of their home. She allegedly called the police then and demanded the police make them stop.

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