OMB Peezy on getting his start in rap, 'Loyalty Over Love' and soft rappers

OMB Peezy stepped into the KMEL studio for the latest episode of The Street Light Series podcast with @shaydiddy and @djblackmarc

While the rapper reps the south, he reveals he grew up going back and forth between California and Mobile, Alabama. He tells The Street Light Series that his mother "brought [him] to California in a stolen U-Haul van when [he] was 12." OMB Peezy thanks his mother for making the move because it prevented him from getting into trouble. 

OMB Peezy also touches on the current state of rap, calling a lot of new age rappers "soft". 

"It's ain't about how good you can rap now, it's about who can get the most attention," Peezy says. 

Peezy goes on to touch on getting his start in rap and how he posted his first Youtube video at the at 16-years-old. When being compared to Boosie Badazz, Peezy says he will never say he sounds like another artist but was influenced by "struggle music". 

"I'd rather rap about what everybody goes through rather than what some people get. Only some people can be hopping out of bentleys but everyone goes through them struggles."

Be on the lookout for OMB Peezy's latest project 'Loyalty Over Love' dropping later this month (an exact date was not disclosed). The project features is OMB Iceberg and TK Kravits. 

WATCH the full, uncut interview with OMB Peezy here:

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