Family Harasses And Attacks Two Black Female Soldiers

All of this because the soldiers didn't want to wait for you to pull into a handicapped parking space? You would think in 2018, military men and women would get the most respect, Unfortulately that wasn't the case in Macon, Georgia. 

The white familly in the viral video allegedly followed the female soldiers into the restaurant making racist and homophobic remarks stating "black b*tches” and made a comment saying “I didn’t know they allowed lesbians to serve”

Apparently the family was angry the women drove around them as they were trying to back into a handicapped parking space. After making the racist and homophobic comments walking into the restaurant the mother and son confronted the two female soldiers. That's when the video began recording,


From the video, you see Judy Tucker, 72, and her son Robbie assault the two soldiers as on lookers and the victims scream for them to stop. The family still did not stop even after the soldier screamed "I'm PREGNANT!" The son, Robbie, replies "oh really, by her?!" and his mother yells "well my husband is handicapped!" How being handicapped justifies their behavior you tell me.

Tucker, Robbie, and daughter Angie were then kicked out of the restaurant.


When the police arrived the white familly gave a very different account as to what occurred. After police reviewed the video, ironically the same video that infuriated this family, the 72 year-old mother was arrested and charged with simple battery. She was booked into Bibb County Jail.


At the end of the day, i'm glad these women got justice.

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