After Leaked, BART PD Releases Full Video From Officer-Involved Killing


The video is hard to watch. After the family released the secretly recorded body cam footage of Shaleem Tindle killing, BART PD released the full video with their own explanation. The video shows the officer approaching Shaleem Tindle from behind, demanding he raise his hands before shooting him at close range 3 times.

The killing is bringing back the resentment and questions raised after the Oscar Grant killing. The family believes the officer shot and killed Shaleem Tindle unjustly, and demand the officer involved be charged and fired from BART PD. Allegedly, the family plans to file a lawsuit against BART Police Department and the officer.

Warning - Graphic Video


Via NBC Bay Area

"My brother didn’t even know who shot him until he turned around with hands up, and then he saw it was the police," Mayfield said. "My brother didn’t have no gun in his hand."

The family’s attorney calls the video disturbing, claiming it clearly shows the shooting was not justified. 

"What we can see is the man’s hands come up and nothing in his hands, at least at the time the police shot him," attorney John Burris said.

But former officer and certified police practices expert Richard Correia points out it’s only a few seconds from a limited view and just one piece of the puzzle.

"I don’t see anything on this video that suggests at this point on this video that this was unreasonable," Correia said. "It’s intense. You can’t tell a lot of things. I don’t think it solves the puzzle of exactly what happened here."

Tindle’s loved ones, however, say the video is convincing, and they want Mateu prosecuted. They've also planned on filing a lawsuit against BART police and the officer.

"He just went out like a cowboy and shot my brother in the back," Mayfield said.

BART police Chief Carlos Rojas said in a news conference Wednesday that Mateu was dealing with a fare evader when he heard the gunshots. His bodycam video captures the sounds of the gunshots and later shows the two men struggling over a handgun.

"It looks like one individual is trying to pin that gun to the ground," Rojas said, showing a printed screen shot from the bodycam footage. "And I believe the individual who's trying to fight for his life has already been shot by Mr. Tindle. Did the officer see this? I don't know if he did or not; that will come out as part of the criminal investigation. But what I can tell you is this is what the video shows."

Rojas said he called the news conference to dispel some of the misinformation that was being published after portions of the bodycam video were leaked.  

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