Officials Discuss Reopening South Lake Tahoe & When Residents Can Return

Photo: Getty Images

South Lake Tahoe was evacuated after the Caldor Fire made its way to the surrounding areas. Now, as the fire slows down and firefighters gain more control over the blaze, residents are hoping they will be reunited with their homes soon.

Parker Wilbourn, a fire spokesperson with Cal Fire said, “It could be some point in the next week, it could be two weeks. We just don’t know at this point." He explained that there are several things that need to be done before the area is considered safe for residents to return, including checking power lines, removing fallen trees and clearing roadways, etc. of equipment used to fight the fires, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

The Caldor Fire is currently 49% contained and has burned 216,646 acres, according to CAL FIRE.

Get updates and information on evacuation orders, warnings, shelters and more here.

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