Viral Vid: Cute Baby Learns to SAY MAMA, LOL At His CREEPY VOICE Tho!

Baby stories like this hit me differently these days, since I'm a relatively new Mama Bear. My kids are expanding their vocabularies on the daily like babies do and this young gent is no different. I know the feeling of getting to hear your mini say or call you mommy or daddy for the first time. This baby though will not only have you chuckling, but maybe a little nervous in the same breath, because the way he calls for his Mommy is a bit funny/creepy...Oh my! Check out the clip his parental figures shared and just imagine him calling out for you in the pitch black middle of the night with that voice, maybe not so funny anymore. None the less, this cute bouncing babe is on his way to being able to express himself, not sure what other vocal talents he might share as he develops. Also- just curious did he decide to hit this note on his own or who is the wise guy that taught this bone curdling note? LOL!