Good News-NORCAL Vietnamese Restaurant Gets HUGE TIP For Vandalized Window

Asian Hate Crimes are still happening and at an alarming rate, whether you're checking for the details or pushing right past them (SMH). Sadly, these crimes are happening to people of all ages and genders, additionally in some cases there have been children present. Rather than only having to focus on these inhumane acts- there are very positive moments where people are coming to help these victims, and thankfully here's a story spreading that love. It might sound cheesy or corny, but LOVE Always Wins and in this case I'm sure it made the staff of this family owned business feel seen, heard and cared for by their community. A Vietnamese restaurant in Sacramento had their storefront vandalized REPEATEDLY. To help fix their bashed in window a customer placed an order and left a $500 TIP to help with the repairs. The owner's granddaughter shared this receipt and their surprise. This is one step towards the community coming together to keep this from happening again.