BIG SEAN + His MOM Launch Web Series for Mental Health Awareness Month

Getty Images

Welcome to a fresh new month! May is here and with it comes Mother's Day (ahem- reminder!), Mental Health Awareness Month and Big Sean will be celebrating his Mom's Birthday this month. To commemorate all of this- his Mom asked him to partner with her to create a web series aimed at helping people breakthrough and hit that next level. Big Sean shared that he was raised by Black Queens, one of which was his grandma, who was one of the first female Black Captains of World War II (Thank you for your service!). His mom was the other and her healthy and holistic way of life has helped cure an auto-immune disease as well as a heart condition he experienced. The hope is that this web series will open people's minds with tips to expand your mental awareness and promote wellness. According to Big Sean it will be a chance to learn some things to motivate you to 'level up to the next better part of your life.’ He goes on to say, ‘for anybody feeling stuck, anybody, who goin' through things mentally and even on a deeper level, blocks you might have on yourself and just all things my mom has like taken it upon herself to use my platform to try and help people out because we need more of that in our community, which I agree with,' says, Big Sean. Look out for the updates each Saturday on his Instagram and get ready to breakthrough!