Foodies! Heinz To Release New Condiments That You Didn't Know You Needed!

Heinz is staying creative! Their steady release of condiments is keeping you dippin' and with some combos that you didn't even know you needed in a bottle! Truth be told you might have been making some of these creations at home already but now they come already mixed and ready to go! If you haven't tried some of their concoctions it might be time to get your hands on a bottle of their MayoChup (Mayo + Ketchup) or their MayoRacha (Mayo + Sriracha). These come ahead of their new lineup, which includes sauces like Hanch (Hot Sauce + Ranch), Wasabioli a blend of Wasabi and Garlic Aioli or how about their Tarchup (Tartar Sauce + Ketchup). These sauces are selling for $2.99 a bottle and have launched in Canada. If they do well, they'll be on their way here to the states, and we know they're going to do well, so get ready!