Girl Arrested After Caught on Vid Attacking Asian Uber Driver in SF

Viral Video came out last week of three girls in the back of an Uber being violent, verbally abusive and just nasty when asked to leave the back of an Uber. The girls apparently started going off on the driver because he asked one of the young ladies to put their mask on, you know safety first and pretty much the standard these days when traveling in spaces where social distance is impossible. In addition to coughing on the driver, the young lady snatched the driver's phone and all 3 riders have been banned not only by Uber but also by Lyft. The main young lady has since been arrested for assault and battery, violating health and safety codes among other charges, when she was found in Las Vegas. Meanwhile the other young lady participating in the verbal attack has stated she would turn herself in even though she reportedly maintains that she and her friends were not out of line and she is planning to sue the ride share. The driver has been apparently receiving a lot community support including monetary donations to a Go Fund Me that is now well over $50K mark.

The original video from the Uber Driver Subhakar Khadka is below.

Warning: The below video contains explicit language and violent behavior.