These Pandemic Fashion Statements Will Have You Rollin' or Disgusted!

Once the shelter in place orders set in and work from home became a reality for most, fashion sense and care went OUT the window! You may have even had a day or two when you had to really think when did I last wash this hoodie or sweatpants? Your body probably rejects any sight of tight or form fitting clothing and jeans as casual wear is a thing of the past! Because you left the house in head to toe sweats or pajamas and did it with pride! SMH! LOL! Now that we are slowly and safely re-opening let's relive some of the funniest/disgusting/sometimes sad tweets that paint a very clear picture of how much we let our fashion no longer be a statement during the Pandemic.

CLICK HERE to check out more tweets that Huffington Post found that will have you joining in and saying NO to pants without elasticity!! LOL!!