Silk Sonic Invited to Perform Together for the First Time at The Grammy's

Now that Silk Sonic has put out their first song together both Anderson Paak and Bruno Mars were shouting at the Grammy's Producers like, hey, can we got on that stage and perform this weekend or what? In a back and forth on twitter The Grammy's said they had been trying to call the gents to invite them to perform and couldn't get a hold of them. The smooth and silky 'Leave The Door Open' crooners shared some light jabs back and forth on twitter bringing up Bruno being called out for appropriating Black culture the other day on Twitter and Anderson's sensitivity about his teeth-joking that the duo had already called it quits and split. But their chemistry and talent is just too good to deny so they have officially accepted the invite they asked for to perform this weekend at the Grammy's. Pretty sure some under garments will be flying off in living rooms around the world!