Amandla Stenberg & Her Hairy Armpits Hit The Red Carpet


Amandla Stenberg, the on fire actress from the new movie 'The Hate U Give', hit the red carpet for the movie's UK premiere and she was looking flawless! But some folks would say otherwise and they are straight up hating on her au naturel look! Rather than commend this young beauty for being herself, these haters are focusing in on her hairy armpits and she's like yah whatever! Apparently in an interview she mentioned she loves hair, sweat and B.O.! Yah she likes sweat and that body odor. Now, for those that don't know, not all body odor has a FUNK to it. There are some people who are just fortunate to have sweat glands that cause a light sweat, that glow that folks talk about after the gym, and they actually don't have a scent that's gut wrenching to be around. Amandla looks like an example of a beautiful fairy that doesn't have that funky BO. Not to mention if she did, someone in her crew would have gave her the nudge, like boo here's some Secret and a razor, handle it! They're her pits, let the girl live. Are you living your best life au naturel and loving this statement she's making or are you like naw boo! 

Haters Gon Hate! After you check out the pics of the baby armpit hairs below, make sure you check her out in The Hate U Give - in theaters NOW! =D

Lady Ray

Lady Ray

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