47% Rise In Oakland Homicides From 2019-2020

Violence in the streets of Oakland. Is the rise a byproduct of the pandemic & high numbers of unemployment? Is the rise just The Town being The Town? Families all over the world have suffered great loss due to the pandemic, and with Oakland homicides going up by 47% from the previous year in 2020, families here have shed so many tears over the violence.

This past Monday Oakland reached its 100th homicide of the year, which officially made it the deadliest year in the Town since 2012. It's said that officers within the Oakland Police Officers' Association believe City Hall is paying the increase in numbers no mind.

Mayor Libby Schaaf said, "We are doubling down with our violence prevention teams and with our law enforcement partners to save every precious life in Oakland and end the violence,".

I personally lost a close friend this year due to gun violence in Oakland and it hurts to think that his daughter will never see her father again for no other reason than someone else's greed, jealousy or desperation. Though City Hall is still not speaking on the rise in numbers citizens must do our part to help one another and be the best examples collectively to change our tomorrow.

Dedicated to Mr. Henry Scott-Brown #RIPJUICE

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