Studio Flow w/Bay Area Rapper J Stalin as he does Jingle for Mansion Show

So this week I linked up with my "Brother" J Stalin at his studio session, at the Grill Studios in Emeryville. He had me stop by so that he could record The Mansion Show Jingle for me, Djs Black Marc , Lexx Jones and @shaydiddy .

Quick back story I've been known Stalin since about 2008 or 2009 from my days working at SMC recordings. We go way back so when I reached out to him to do a Jingle for us he said yes without any hesitation. It was a Gudlook to see my guy J Stalin again as i had not seen him in prolly bout a year. As I walked up I also was greeted by Doc of The Mekanics, a legendary production group from Chicago now based in Oakland. Another producer and legendary engineer Max Perry was also in the initial session, Im telling you it was like a home coming. Ive been knowing Stalin, Max, Doc for some time and it was def a gudlook to catch up with them. Also stopping by the session was My cousins Boo Bang and Yee also pulling up was 3rd World Lil Blood. Im telling yall it was like a family reunion at The Grill Studios.

J Stalin and Yee

lil Blood , Boo Banga

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