Yung Lott Rapper from S.F.'s Hunters Point, Drops album "Lott Season"

Yung Lott' has been putting in work over the years and recently dropped his latest project entitled , 'Lott Season", a 9 song album that in my opinion is some of his best work to date. The album features appearances from Larry June , Guce , and James Worthy absolutely do not disappoint. Larry June comes with his usual straight forward flow on ,"Thuggin" one of my favorite tracks, also features a hungry Guce. Lott is on the hook and provides his normal penmanship along with a sick beat and lite R and B vocal you can only expect from the Rap crooner. Not one track on the album can be skipped in mty opinion. i actually was disappointed it wasn't more songs. You can feel the real in Yung Lotts lyrics, his life is real, he doesn't sugar coat the streets , he simply tells the reality of it from his point of view. for this story I asked Lott what was his motivation for this album and why he felt the need to drop. also asked him what was his favorite track off the album.

"I Dropped Lott season to sum up everything that I have Accomplished for the 2022 year. I just wanted to end the year strong and give the people what I feel the games been missing. Which is Balance & More Qaulity Authentic West Coast music. What Motivated me God, Myself, & my family to continue to show my kids that Hard work will eventually pay off as long as you stay consistent, contribute life and and keep good energy around you is what keeps you motivated. Life is the most precious Gift we will ever receive so we must take Advantage. To be honest This project only took me 3 weeks to complete. A solid 9 track 25 minute master piece. I previously Dropped my other Album which is titled Lott Pac Big in October. That has Done tremendously well. But I felt like I needed to bring more to the table. So now You Got “LOTT SEASON” If I didn’t have to choose I would say the Whole Lp. This entire Album represents Me. But since you said 1 I am going to say The Title Track “Lott Season”

Lott Season, the tittle track is a good one, lets talk about another song I loved which was "Team Up", you mentioned that "Frisco is not focused" on Team Up what did you mean by that line?

"When i said Frisco isn’t Focused on Track #2 I really Meant that. We come from a Great city with a-lot of Great talent, I understand it’s very hard to get recognition and rewarded for a lot of work people put in. Also remember we all from Frisco so if we don’t help each other out or pull one another up, no matter how big we get in this Life, Than we don’t plan to win as a community or as a people."

Overall I give this album a 4 out of 5 bars of soap .......he almost got the whole backed washed....

Go support and check out the latest project from Yung Lott, "Lott Season"

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