'Raising Kanan' Showrunner calls out Mainstream Media

Power Book III: Raising Kanan Global Premiere Event And Screening In NYC

Photo: Getty Images

Sascha Penn, 'Raising Kanan' showrunner, is upset that 'mainstream media' is ignoring black crime dramas such as 'Raising Kanan'.

According to Starz, 'Raising Kanan' is the network's biggest streamed show.

He said in an IG post, "As Raising Kanan's first season ends and BMF's season begins, I feel compelled to point out that, other than NY Post and New York Magazine, not a single mainstream media publication has reviewed either series."

Penn continued, "And to be clear, I’m not asking for positive reviews. If you don’t like the show, s**t all over it. That’s fine. But to ignore them altogether is to say that these stories, this work, these actors, THIS AUDIENCE doesn’t matter. And that’s… We all know what that is."

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