Earth, Wind & Fire and the Isley Brothers’ VERZUZ Battle Was A Vibe

Six Degrees To Tennessee Roots Jam

Six Degrees To Tennessee Roots Jam

Earth, Wind & Fire VERZUZ The Isley Brothers went down on Sunday night and it was a VIBE

With music from the 50s through current years, the catalog of music that these two groups have is unmatched.

The musical event was hosted by Steve Harvey, who was criticized in the comments about his constant commentary, looked as if he was living out a dream come true as he danced and sung to the songs and at one point joined the groups in singing.

According to Billboard, The Isley Brothers won the battle, however, it was music lovers that really won with a night of good “soul music.”

Everyone was talking about how cool the OG's were during the performances, and also folks were commenting on Ron Isley's new look!

Check out the video the Isley's dropped after the Verzuz feat Snoop below!