Wendy Williams Blasts Nicki Minaj for Marrying ‘Killer’ and ‘Sex Offender’

Wendy Williams is at it again. This time she’s calling out Nicki Minaj’s husband, her

childhood boo, Kenneth ‘Zoo” Petty.

During a segment on her show, Williams said, I don’t know what he does for a living, I just know that he did time in jail — he’s a sex offender. Well, she’s no stranger to that because her brother’s in jail for sex offending.

And Williams didn’t stop there, she kept on by saying, Well, first-degree manslaughter. Now, he served seven years in prison and he’s also a sex offender. So that means that he … is a killer? Okay. So, he’s a killer and a sex offender… Well Nicki, congratulations.



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