Killer Mike & DJ Envy Have Heated Education Debate On "Breakfast Club"

ICYMI Killer Mike and DJ Envy got into the great debate of public vs private school during Mike’s recent visit to The Breakfast Club.

During the interview, Mike made a point that if your child lives in an area where white people are hostile towards them, he advises to keep children out of white schools until their 13 or 14, as some other cultures do.

Envy’s opinion was that putting his children into private school afforded them more opportunities than what they would get from primarily minority school.

Mike reiterated his point saying that Envy is a “rich n___.” Envy then said that his kids had been in a hostile environment and called the n-word, "Being called 'n***a' when your dad got a Ferrari just don't hurt as much,”

Mike replied. The two debated but the interview ended with Mike pleading with the culture to invest in black business and entities.

What do you think? Are public or private schools better for minority children? 

Check the entire interview out in the video below, it's a MUST WATCH!



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