Mike Tyson Breaks Down Talking About The Night Tupac Was Shot

Mike Tyson recently got choked up while discussing the night Tupac Shakur was shot in Las Vegas. 

Tupac was Tyson's guest at the Bruce Seldon fight on September 7th, 1996.  Tyson paused for a moment and was given a tissue as he emotionally recalled the night (On Big Boy's Neighborhood). 

Tyson said about Tupac, " He was very happy after the fight. He came to a press conference with me. We was just talking a bunch of s--t. I went home and then he left." Iron Mike continued, "It’s very difficult to talk about. Young kid that wanted to be great and then that happened.” 

Shakur was shot four times that night. He died six days later.  Tyson and Tupac were really good friends back then. Do you think Tyson feels slightly responsible for Tupac's death since it was his fight that brought him to Las Vegas? Check out the full interview below!



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