Kanye Checks Drake, Nick Cannon, & Tyson Beckford

Kanye West is out of his “sunken place” so he says, and needs to get some stuff off his chest. 

Kanye posted a 4-part Instagram video to “express some things that weren’t sitting right on his spirit.” First, he addressed Nick Cannon, asking him to Kim K’s name out of his mouth. 

Nick recently spoke on their relationship in an interview. 

Next, he zeroed in on Drake explaining once again that he wasn’t the one to drop any info to Pusha T about his baby or his baby’s momma. He also asked Drake to stop mentioning Kim K. 

Next he checked Tyson Beckford and told him to keep Kim K’s name out of his mouth as well. Kanye explained that all four of them are men and if they have a problem with him, they can come to talk to him like men and keep it off social media. 

Watch Kanye's IG rants below!



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