Nicki Minaj Hooks Up Students with $150,000 on 'Ellen'

Nicki’s appearance on the Ellen show wasn’t just about Travis Scott and her recent album, ‘Queen’ Nicki gave away $50,000 to three college students. 

The students are currently studying everything from music to neurosurgery. Walmart teamed with Nicki and Ellen to award Jacob Peterson, Lauren Wakefield, and Chrissy Draper the money to continue their education.

 Nicki has been an advocate for education, back in July she chose 37 students to receive her Student of the Game Scholarships which will provide tuition, housing, and books for the students. 

One student whose name starts with a ‘J’ never got back to Nicki about the scholarship, Nicki revealed during the segment, better luck next time “J”.......... Damn lol



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