Restaurants to check out for Bay Area Black Food Week

About Black Restaurant Week

Founded in 2016 by Warren Luckett, Falayn Ferrell, and Derek Robinson, Black Restaurant Week is dedicated to celebrating the flavors of African-American, African, and Caribbean cuisine nationwide. Through a series of events and promotional campaigns, Black Restaurant Week’s culinary initiatives help introduce culinary businesses and culinary professionals to the community.

Our innovative approach to a restaurant week includes highlighting other aspects of culinary businesses including catering services, food trucks, and culinary products. This helps stimulates the local economy and presents full access to the Black culinary industry which is a key ingredient to the American culture.


  1.  alaMar
  2. The Cook and Her Farmer
  3. Oeste Bar & Kitchen
  4. Enssaro
  5. Everett and Jones BBQ
  6. Kingston 11
  7. Lenas Soul Food Cafe
  8. Miss Ollies
  9. Souley Vegan
  10. More Black-owned Eateries

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