Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Said 2Pac's Music got him through the struggle

 Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson posted a mid workout video to explain how he used to wrestle for $40 a night in beat up old barns, & flea markets to make a living. One of 2Pac's hit records "All Eyes on Me" was The Rock's theme entrance music. In the clip posted to his Instagram page, Rock explains how his boss at that time told him he couldn't walk out to 2pac because of the cursing lyrics. The Rock explained to his boss that he was being true to his self and that is what he wanted to walk out to, his boss threatened to fire Rock if he didn't change his song. Instead of changing the song, the Rock found the radio edited version and still walked out to the song. Moral of the story is STAY TRUE TO YOU! When others play checkers, you play chess. RIP Pac!

Check out the video down below!

Cuzzin Dre

Cuzzin Dre

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