Atlanta Rapper Future Has a Baby on the Way With Stripper Eliza Reign!

Hip-Hop Superstar, Future is back in the spotlight but not because he made another hit record. Future is allegedly the father of an unborn baby. The accuser/ mother is stripper Eliza Reign. She posted on her social media account 10 pages full of notes from her phone detailing the list of events that her and Future have been up too. 

In the notes she mentioned that her and Future have been dating for about 2 years and everything was coo until she got pregnant. According to Eliza, Future does not wear condemns and got mad when he heard she was pregnant. She initially was going to have an abortion but the doctor told her that with her being in her late 30's that she is lucky to even be pregnant and that she most likely will not get pregnant again. 

Weighing her options, she chose to keep the baby and that's when Future got hot and things went left! Eliza stated that she can't even go home because Future knows where she lives and has sent people to her house. She has been jumping from hotel to hotel trying to avoid Future and his goons. 

This story is deep check it out down below! 

Cuzzin Dre

Cuzzin Dre

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