Azealia Banks Exposed Kanye West & Called Kim Kardashian a Blood Sucker!

Azealia Banks had time last night! She went in on Kanye West & his wife Kim Kardashian-West on her IG account. According to Azealia, Kanye has vented to her before about his relationship with Kim. Kim apparently went through Kanye's phone, and seen a heart emoji from Azealia, so Kanye tried to set Azealia up by having an assistance three way Azealia Banks trying to get her to confess her love for Kanye. 

Azealia wasn't going out like that, and said she has some tea so juicy that she can't spill because Kim's mother, Kris Jenner would have Kanye Killed! 

I'm not sure about this one though, Azealia has been caught lying in the past before, so I guess we just gotta wait and see! 

Check out the post below!

Cuzzin Dre

Cuzzin Dre

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