Khabib Nurmagomedov May Face Suspension after UFC 229 Brawl in Vegas

Last Night, undefeated Lightweight Champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov dismantled his opponent Conor McGregor by making him submit in the 4th round of the fight. Although many were surprised to see Conor McGregor go out the way he did, Conor actually did pretty good considering he has not fought in the octagon in 2 years. After McGregor tapped out, Khabib jumped over the top of the cage and proceeded to attack members of McGregors' camp. Tempers were high in Las Vegas! This fight started after an incident took place back in April at the Barclays Arena in New York, when McGregor threw a steel dolly through a bus window that Khabib was on. Both, UFC President Dana White & ESPN's Stephen A. Smith both gave their opinion of the fight, check out some of the footage below! 


LIsten to Khabib's post fight interview, as he explains what happend.


Conor is not a sore loser though, he gave Khabib his Credit and his looking forward to a rematch!

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