Famous Dex Exposes Rich The Kid & Calls Him Selfish

Earlier this week, rapper Rich The Kid went off on his instagram account, calling out his record label 300 ENT. Apparently, Rich The Kid wants out of his deal with them. He said he offered the money to buy his way out of his current contract but it doe not seem to be working. He went as far to tell independent artist not to sign with major labels especially 300 ENT. 


Famous Dex Responded to Rich The Kid, saying he is not signed to Rich the Kids label,"Rich Forever" he is instead signed to 300 ENT. Famous Dex claims that Rich is trying to sell his label and does not do anything to help further his career. He went on tell Rich The Kid that he loves him, BUT he is selfish. Take a look.

Cuzzin Dre

Cuzzin Dre

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